about this blog

This blog is dedicated to bringing real-world method and practical
suggestions to theremin players at all levels. My goal was to create the most
comprehensive theremin course available, taking into account every aspect of
playing, from pitch and volume hand techniques, breathing and stance, to
emotional explorations and more. I hope you find it useful, inspiring and fun.

I’ve been playing the theremin since 1996. My interest continues to be
to bring this instrument to the public in as many ways as possible; it’s taken me into concert
halls, theaters, libraries, museums, schools, shopping centers and the Manhattan subway
system. Most recently, thanks to the small world of the internet, I’ve branched out into
working with artists all over the world who want to incorporate theremin tracks into their
music, film scores and other projects. Want to work together? Please Email me (no kidding).

In my opinion:

The Theremin is touted as the most difficult to play of all instruments.
The Theremin is actually easier to play than most other instruments.

The Theremin is the silliest excuse for an instrument on the planet.
The Theremin is the most amazing electronic instrument on the planet.

The Theremin makes only one noise – a continuous, unearthly tone.
The Theremin is capable of making astonishingly beautiful and expressive music.

The Theremin is utterly unforgiving where pitch accuracy and precision are concerned.
The Theremin has all sorts of “workaround” techniques for pitch accuracy compensation.

The tips are things I’ve learned over the years – ways to optimize your playing
experience and care for your instrument. The techniques represent viable solutions
to challenges associated with surmounting what are normally considered to be the
theremin’s (and by extension, the player’s) limitations. These are things like clear
articulation, rapid notes runs, wide pitch jumps and more. All of the techniques require
ongoing practice – and they all work!

In my opinion:

There is room for everyone. There is room for every type of music and sound. Period.