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Diggin’ on Disney, Part 1

Time for another break in the lessons. For your dining and dancing pleasure, a timeless song many of us know from childhood.

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Lesson 07
Fundamentals: Basic Pitch Matching, Part 1

If it’s your goal to play melodic pieces on the theremin, the refinement of your sense of pitch is an ongoing endeavor. We’ll go from basic to progressively more complex. Without having “absolute” or “perfect pitch,” exercises like this help tune our ears.  

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Lesson 03
Fundamentals: Basic Pitch Fingering, Part 1

This introduction to an approach for pitch fingering lays out the parameters for the tutorial.  

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Lesson 04
Fundamentals: Basic Pitch Fingering, Part 2B

Simple positions for the pitch hand and fingers derived from movements the hand makes naturally and observing the results. These movements serve as a point of departure for developing fingering that’s comfortable and repeatable, with predictable results. $nbsp;

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Lesson 51
Xtreme Articulation, Part 3

Push beyond your limits, develop more comfort and dexterity with producing sound on the upstroke of your volume hand. This exercise provides a tactile reference to allow you to progress while gauging your accuracy and skill.  

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Lesson 28
The Essentials: Mechanics of Vibrato, Part 3

You are gradually taking your abilities with vibrato from the mechanical to a fully expressive technique.  

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Lesson 02
Fundamentals: Pitch Hand Positions

New to the theremin? Your pitch hand positioning is very important.  

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Lesson 01
Fundamentals:Theremin and Body Positions

For those just starting out; find the optimum position for your body relative to the placement of the theremin. This is a crucial step in finding the most comfortable and productive stance.  

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