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Tip 1: What To Do When Zero Beat Disappears

Setting zero beat can become impossible under certain conditions. 1) the pitch circuits “slip” over time, and suddenly, you’re unable to set it; or. 2) you change the location of the theremin to another place (room, stage, library, etc.) and there’s interference due to lighting, facility wiring, the proximity of other electronics. Here’s how to [...]

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TIP 2: Let’s Talk About a Pitch Preview

In addition to the techniques of pitch fishing, consider employing an electronic pitch preview to help you increase accuracy. Let’s talk about it uses, pros and cons.  

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Tip 3: Do You Need to Know How to Read Music?

Here’s my personal answer to the age-old question.  

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Tip 4: The Quick Release Mic Adaptor

One more way to preserve the threads on the theremin flange and the mic stand.  

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Tip 5: Pitch Jumping Methodology

A few words about the way all of the pitch jumping lessons work.  

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Tip 6: Why Learn Precision Playing?

The theremin is capable of doing much more than playing traditional melodies using the western twelve tone scale. What if I’m more interested in creating abstract soundscapes?  

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Tip 7: Two Ways of Listening

Here’s one of several methods for being able to gauge your progress every time you practice.  

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Tip 8: Preserving EPro Pitch Rod Threads

Prevent the threads on your EPro pitch rod and pitch arm from being stripped while making alignment and attachment easier.  

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Tip 9: Mounting Thread Preservation

Keep those pesky tiny threads inside your theremin’s mounting flange from getting stripped.  

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