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A Little Bit Live From Joe’s Pub

Under the auspices of the New York Theremin Society, I was privileged to be part of an evening with four other thereminists. Cinematographer, Kasper Tuxen was on hand and although he shot only very brief sequences of our performances, the celebratory atmosphere and overwhelming audience enthusiasm in very much in evidence. So, here’s a little [...]

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A Repeat Lesson From Vinegar Mother

Lesson 9 from Lessons from Vinegar Mother. This version features new original video as intended for the performance piece. The spoken material is also clearer than the Asheville footage. The Cornelia Street Café is a much more intimate setting (with a much smaller stage) and it certainly captures the immediacy of the experience. A thousand [...]

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Lessons From Vinegar Mother, Part 3
Live From Asheville Electro-Music

The final excerpt from the premier of segments of “Lessons From Vinegar Mother,” live from 2013 Ashville Electro-Music. This is Lesson 4. Somewhat akin to the reading of tea leaves, pattern formations and movements of actual Mother of Vinegar are interpreted and imparted by practitioners as “lessons.” Each original composition in this performance piece is [...]

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Lessons From Vinegar Mother, Part 2
Live From Asheville Electro-Music

“Watch for rhythm in the air,” begins the text of Lesson 1 from Bengta Stenlund, a 10th generation “daughter” of the Vinegar Mother. The music was directly inspired by the text of this lesson. Video projection by Ted Klett.

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Lessons From Vinegar Mother, Part 1
Live From Asheville Electro-Music

Live from Asheville Electro-Music Festival, the half-hour set included excerpts from the performance piece, “Lessons From Vinegar Mother.” Part 1 of 3. Live Video by Ted Klett. Part 1 features background on The Vinegar Mother as well as Lesson 9. Part 2 coming soon.

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A ThereMeditation

An excerpt from the Dalet Concert Series. Witness as your perceptions change the deeper and deeper you go…enlightenment and the munchies may be at hand.

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Improvisation in Strict Time
From the Dalet Concert Series
Featuring PascAli and Me

From Princeton’s Dalet Concert Series curated and run by the wonderful Irena Gobernik and Leo Vayn. This segment from the concert features PascAli and Kip Rosser playing together for the first time. A challenging eleven minutes during which two contrabasses and a theremin produce sounds so unusual that they seem to emanate from something other [...]

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It’s “Moondance.” That says it all. Everybody sing!

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An Excerpt from
“TranscendAmbiental Medication”

This is an improved, edit (better continuity, slightly better audio) of the Valentine’s Day segment of the performance piece, “TranscendAmbiental Medication,” which premiered at the 2011 Kansas City Electro-Music Festival.

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Diggin’ on Disney, Part 2

Fun to send a song flowing from the grownup back through time into little kid ears.

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