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Lesson 25
The Essentials:
What Does a Theremin Sound Like?
Part 5 – Demo

Parts 1 through 4 have equipped you with everything you need for endless variations on attacks, sustains, and decays when you’re practicing songs you want to play. This is a demo that should help crystallize the approach you can take. Work with them often; experiment and move from the mechanical reproduction of the principles and [...]

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Lesson 10
The Fundamentals:
Basic Pitch Matching, Part 4

For the final segment of Basic Pitch Matching, we’ll practice “call and response.” This is something you can do a lot of on your own by working with a friend or pre-recording your own segments. Make sure to record yourself during this tutorial so that you can listen and evaluate your work. Review all four [...]

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Lesson 19
The Fundamentals: An Approach to
Learning Any Song, Part 5

We’ll bring more of the body into the process of playing, creating more “connections,” that lead to refining the sense of pitch as well as solidifying our ability to locate pitches. And we’ll enhance this by becoming ambidextrous.  

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Lesson 09
The Fundamentals:
Basic Pitch Matching, Part 3

Developing and refining one’s sense of pitch is ongoing if precision playing is the goal. The more ways that you can approach the task, the better. Let’s concentrate on scales, intervals and longer, more complex passages that require even more acute listening and retention.  

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