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Lesson 22
Essentials: The Theremin Vocabulary -
Part 2, The Sustain

Following the initial attack and before the decay of any note, you find yourself in the middle of the pitch you created. Here is where you have the most freedom to shape the sonic quality of what you’re playing. This is a time to experiment; try for effects, vary the length, put different vibrato techniques [...]

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Lesson 17
Fundamentals: An Approach to
Learning Any song, Part 3

Part 3 gives a new meaning to “using your head.” When your practice includes involving your whole body, you’ll see positive results. It’s fun, effective, and silly — but no one’s watching… give this a try.  

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Lesson 16
Fundamentals: An Approach to
Learning Any Song, Part 2

Remember that all songs exist within the context of the key they’re written in – let’s use the entire range of notes in the scale and “meld” it with the melody to give your mind and body still another way to develop muscle memory and refine your sense of pitch.  

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