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Lesson 27
Essentials: Mechanics of Vibrato, Part 2

Building on Part 1 (from “Fundamentals,”) each successive lesson brings us closer to using vibrato as a means of self-expression and interpretation of the music you want to play.  

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Lesson Zero
Fundamentals: Learning to Set Zero Beat (Revised)

One of the crucial “Fundamentals.” Setting “zero beat” gets the theremin to be silent prior to playing, and, more importantly, allow you to determine the size of your control space for maximum comfort when you play.

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Lesson 20
Fundamentals: Mechanics of Vibrato

For those just starting out, here are three methods of producing vibrato that can help you discover what’s most comfortable for you.  

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Tip 6: Why Learn Precision Playing?

The theremin is capable of doing much more than playing traditional melodies using the western twelve tone scale. What if I’m more interested in creating abstract soundscapes?  

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Lesson 15
Fundamentals: The Isolation Technique

The isolation technique focuses on one element at a time in order for body and mind to more easily process the mechanics of playing. Use any time you’re learning a new piece of music.  

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Tip 7: Two Ways of Listening

Here’s one of several methods for being able to gauge your progress every time you practice.  

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Making the Case for Classical Music

Let’s take a break in the tutorials for a serious discussion of what music is most suitable for the theremin. It’s classical, of course.

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Lesson 45
Xtreme Pitch Jumping – Part 2

Using a work in progress, this exercise shifts your emphasis (and your typical perception) on to the volume hand to reveal pitches rather than on your pitch hand to find them.  

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