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Lesson 38
Toward a New Pitch and Articulation Mindset
Part 4 – Taking New Control

Remember what it felt like when you first tried playing a theremin? Adopting a new mindset in this instance requires challenging even your most basic ability to play. Can you take control in the face of new, and sometimes unusual playing parameters? Good luck; and get ready to remove your shoes.  

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Lesson 37
Toward a New Pitch and Articulation Mindset
Part 3 – Inviting the Impossible

We begin this tutorial with a hilariously lame demo. That’s the point! This is an extremely effective aid to adopting a new pitch and articulation mindset: push yourself so far beyond what you are capable of that it releases you from a result-oriented attitude and encourages more long-term exploration that you’d never otherwise try.  

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A ThereMeditation

An excerpt from the Dalet Concert Series. Witness as your perceptions change the deeper and deeper you go…enlightenment and the munchies may be at hand.

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TIP 2: Let’s Talk About a Pitch Preview

In addition to the techniques of pitch fishing, consider employing an electronic pitch preview to help you increase accuracy. Let’s talk about it uses, pros and cons.  

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Lesson 36
Toward an New Pitch and Articulation Mindset
Part 2 – Embracing Imperfection
Chapter 5, Let’s Go “Pitch Fishing”

The imperfection inherent in hunting around for the correct pitches, particularly while you’re playing a piece of music, can be very challenging. The key is patience and the ability to develop an extremely delicate and soft “touch” when moving from one pitch to another, doing it so softly that it is inaudible to anyone but [...]

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